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Books, Feminism, and White Feminism

Before I begin white feminism does not mean feminists who are white. White feminism is when a so called feminist excludes or simply ignores various aspects that are integral to being a true feminist. It’s simply a watered down version of actual feminism and it just looks to help if in the end it benefits them.

This is a call out post. Not at anyone specifically but if you are reading this and in any way you feel like this is at you… don’t take what I say with a grain of salt.

I’m tired of seeing different aspects of diversity separated. Queer discussions and POC/Native discussions are not two different sides of the spectrum. They overlap. Just as queer and disabled discussions overlap. POC and queer and disabled. Basically everything overlaps and acknowledging that is one of the factors of intersectionality. So when a white person says that problematic race representation is taken more seriously by the community and queer subjects are swept under the rug they erase all QPOC. Don’t think your POC friends didn’t see you like a racist thread, they saw. They are disappointed and hurt.

And just because someone of a said identity said they liked a book doesn’t mean everyone has a free ticket to read it without acknowledging the problematic aspects of the book. It has to be on every review and in every discussion. Too many big voices in twitter are ignoring a certain discussion. Allies can not ignore the problematic aspects just like that. There is never a time when allies can stop calling it out.

They say POC ignore their pleas. Yet, why are Ronan and Adam, from The Raven Cycle, tenor.gifstill revered as one of the best m/m couples? Why are they still so loved when they were actively racist to Henry. You all love Carry On by Rainbow Rowell even when Eleanor and Park was just a minefield of racism.

Then there are the white feminists in this community where all there allyship only reaches books. You stan people in the music industry that only seem to know how to appropriate cultures. Do you really think your POC friends don’t notice when you talk about Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and etc. with only good things? You adore actors that actively support the genocide of the Palestinian people. Do you think people didn’t notice how you chose to ignore that and bought posters of them?

Now into the book community. Many of our diversity advocates have recently oddly quiet. There have been many discussions going on about many books and many tweets yet the ones who we thought were intersectional feminists have gone quiet.

Being friends with me doesn’t excuse you. Being friends with other QPOC doesn’t excuse you. We should have to keep tabs on our friends, you should be able to know whats problematic and know when it’s not your place to speak.  When someone calls you out and says something you did was problematic LISTEN. They are literally providing you with free education just by pointing out that something you said was not okay.

I’ve been holding myself back a lot. I didn’t want to get into disputes with accounts who are praised for their activism but were acting in a very white feminist way. I do not care at this point if I end up being one of the most hated people in this community but I will call you out on it now. I’m tired of hypocrites.

That’s all everyone. But here is an important message:



3 comments on “Books, Feminism, and White Feminism

  1. So I found this post while reading another feminist post on Reader and gosh, I LOVE the point you made here. I absolutely agree that just because we like something or someone or their work does not mean we should turn a blind eye to what awful things they’ve done.
    And I see you published this last month so are you talking about that “Can I Be Controversial For a Sec” debacle? Because that was… ugh.


  2. “This is a call out post” – YES, I LOVE IT. I admire your honesty and your absolute no-nonsense way of going about articulating the pains in the community of those who identify as feminists. Lots of willful ignorance for the sake of ease but it’s funny how those least affected are the first ones to take this route and those most affected spearhead movements and initiatives that don’t have them as the face of said movement or initiative. I hope that makes sense. This post is honest and true and I thank you for writing and publishing it.



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